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Dating Your Spouse in Fun, New Ways

Once kids come into the picture it can be tough to prioritize dating your spouse. We all know we should, but sometimes life just gets busy and we forget the obvious. I’m definitely at fault in this category, and find myself placing too much responsibility on my husband, expecting him to handle us “dating” again. Well, […]

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How to Make a DIY Letterboard

You see them everywhere with their catchy sayings, witty humor, and baby announcements, but have you ever thought about making a letterboard of your own? Well, I did and here I will tell you exactly how I did it… and if it was worth the time and effort. First, you need to gather all your […]

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5 Reasons We Don’t Believe In Santa

I know, I know. Most of you may be shaking your heads wondering what is wrong with us that we “ruin” Christmas for our kids by not indulging in the “magic” of Christmas. Trust me, we didn’t come to this plan until our first child’s second Christmas. I actually have a picture of her first […]

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Less is More – I Purged and Now I Love My Home

Lately I haven’t been enjoying my home, despite remodeling it to create an open concept (which I do LOVE).  I have been feeling high strung and like there is always something to do: clean, cook, pick up, organize, file. I have been letting that control my emotions and time. So I started thinking about why […]

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