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Are You on the Standard American Diet?

I am not asking if your food is feeling down in the dumps.  Instead, I am talking about the Standard American Diet.  The Standard American Diet is a diet that is high in overly processed, nutrient deficient ingredients.  These products are high in refined sugars, refined flours, trans-fats, refined sodium, and are loaded with chemicals.  Many […]

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What You Need to Know About Fermented Foods

Have you heard of fermented foods and wondered – – A) What the heck are fermented foods? B) Where can I find fermented foods? C) Will my family even eat fermented foods? Good.  You are normal.  I wondered all of those things too.  The good thing is, there is a lot of good information out there […]

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Are You Prepared For “The Talk”?

When we have kids, we know that we will inevitably have to have the birds and the bees talk.  As they grow, they become curious and it is up to us to answer their questions and educate them before their 7 year old neighbor friend does.  As awkward as it may feel, I think this talk […]

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How 4 Cute Baby Chicks Changed My Life

2009.  That year was a turning point for our family. It started with backyard chickens. You would think that taking on backyard chickens would be something that comes later in a real food journey. Nope, not for me. I was reading more and more stories about backyard chickens and I realized that it was something […]

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