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Make Time for You and Your Health at the Yoga Hangout

This post was sponsored by The Yoga Hangout; our writer received classes in exchange for a review. All comments and inclusions are genuine.The Yoga Hangout Yoga. I’m already rocking the pants on a regular basis, so might as well actually take a class, right? Okay, I have done yoga in the past but it’s been a […]

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How 4 Cute Baby Chicks Changed My Life

2009.  That year was a turning point for our family. It started with backyard chickens. You would think that taking on backyard chickens would be something that comes later in a real food journey. Nope, not for me. I was reading more and more stories about backyard chickens and I realized that it was something […]

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I Want My Body Back: How to Know When it’s Time to be Done Breastfeeding

There are so many pros to breastfeeding. “Breast is Best!” is constantly spread around in birthing classes, hospitals, doctor’s offices, magazines, books and in moms groups all over the world. It’s an amazing tool to set your baby up for success. Not to say formula feeding is worse or lacking by any means, it just […]

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Why I Love Getting My Period

I know I might be the minority, but I’m pretty stoked on this whole period thing. I have two beautiful daughters and it was wonderful to grow them, knowing I was building someone with my body which was actualized when I would feel them kick.  But, to tell you the truth … I’m so done […]

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Time to Punk Your Pantry

It’s time.  Time to punk your pantry. Something about a new year gets us all amped up to make huge changes in our lives. Unfortunately, that excitement often turns to frustration well before we even get all those holiday decorations packed up and put away. (Because you know mine will probably still be out through […]

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