Passionate About Our Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

Money Honey

I remember the day I left for college and my mom handed me a Suze Orman book, I always budgeted my own money, I always paid my own way. I had an allowance growing up and I did chores to earn it. I got my first paying job (though I worked for trade earlier than […]

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Why Every Mom Needs a Tribe

Tribe may be a buzzword these days, but I highly condone its overuse because of its importance to me. Moms and women in general need a “tribe” — a group of close friends that we can call at 4:00 a.m. with a problem, can laugh with until we pee a little (and we all get […]

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baby items

Baby Items You Can’t Live Without

Having a new baby is such an exciting time. I remember spending hours dreaming about finally holding my baby after 9 months of pregnancy. I probably spent just as much time researching exactly what I would need once my baby arrived. There are so many really great products out there, but how did I know […]

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Blessings of Motherhood

As a parent, it is easy to focus on the difficult parts of being a mom. We, as women, tend to share the struggles as a way of creating community and connection with one another. This creates a comradery with each other, but it also creates a skewed look into motherhood and its beauty. I […]

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find joy

Focus on Joy

We all need a little detox from time to time. I’m not talking the “only drink juice for three days, live off lemonade, or tea for dinner” kind of detox. I am talking taking a mental break. Taking time to remember who you are, outside of mommy, if necessary. Taking the time to rid yourself […]

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I Unfriended My Mother on Social Media

Yes, I hit the unfriend button and have zero regrets. Let me start by saying, if you have a healthy relationship with your mother than this statement is probably a bit shocking. I imagine some women thinking to themselves, “wow that is extreme” or “I could never do that”, however, for those of us that […]

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