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Should you stay together for the kids?

I wish I could tell you there is a checklist or system to follow. Organization is what helps comfort me when I have to make decisions. But this is messy, it’s difficult, and not at all like the celebrities portray when they issue their loving statements about how they remain the best of friends but […]

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birthing center

A Primer on the Birth Center Experience

Birth and everything concerning it is a very emotional and personal topic, so please let me preface this opinion piece with a disclaimer. Please remember that these are: 1) My opinions, and  2) When I speak in general about birthing, I’m speaking about pregnant women without any complications or health conditions. This is simply my […]

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Mama Needs a New Playlist

As we head back into the routines of Fall and especially for those of us with school aged littles, well, it’s necessary to mix. it. up.  So I’ve created two epic playlists for the mamas out there! One is focused on beats to work out to, I like it for cardio because it keeps me […]

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one year

The One-Year Rule

The doctor said it would take six weeks for my body to heal after having a baby. My work told me that after 12 weeks (unpaid) I would be ready to return to come back full-time. The actress I follow on Instagram told me that if I wear a belly band and do a special […]

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A Shout Out to the Working (Traveling) Moms

I recently boarded a plane headed to my first national conference since having my two children. Exhausted, I comfortably sank into my seat, glanced across the aisle and watched as two adorable, well-meaning parents worked feverishly to calm the little one on their lap. The baby continued screeching in a high octave while the flight […]

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Medical History Freebie

As mothers, we do some pretty incredible things; but perhaps nothing is quite as impressive as the mental load we carry. We coordinate appointments, manage medications, plan schedules, recall addresses, phone numbers, friends’ names, and even house a complete medical history… IN OUR HEADS. The mental load is legit, so I’m constantly looking for ways […]

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breakfast for mom

Breakfast Just for Mom

  Like most households, mornings are busy for us. We are rushing to get the kids fed and ready for their designated locations for the day—school, daycare, playdate, etc. Mornings that are filled with debates over who is wearing what and asking far too many times for everyone to get shoes on. 90% of the […]

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