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Thankfulness Photo Challenge

  It’s November and you know what that means? Thankfulness I’ve seen so many posts on Facebook or other social media platforms about 30 day challenges to speak, write or say what you are thankful for everyday in the month of November. You can even have your family join in and make it a tradition […]

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First Day Of School Printables: For Kids And Mom

It’s back to school time and what better way to show off your sweet student(s) than taking some fun photos! A lot of kiddos can have first day jitters. Add some silliness to your morning before school and send your little ones off with a smile. Capture your back-to-schooler with our cute and simple First […]

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Existing In Photographs For Your Children

“I have to wait until I lose 10 lbs” “My roots are hideous, I can’t right now” “I have nothing to wear” “Ugg, I look so old!” Any of these phrases sound familiar?  Any sound familiar about getting in front of the camera and taking pictures with your children? I get it….. I’ve been there. I’ve […]

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How To Get The Perfect Baby Swaddle

As a newborn photographer, I swaddle babies everyday and I thought I would share my tips and tricks to get those perfect swaddles for new parents out there. I’ve swaddled over hundreds of babies and every time parents ask, “How did you get them swaddled like that?” Swaddling can be calming and nurturing to new babies. It can help […]

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North Phoenix Moms Blog - Tips for the Best Birthday Party Photos

Tips for the Best Birthday Party Photos

Throwing a kids birthday party can be stressful enough.  There are so many things to think about with planning and preparing.  Sometimes making sure those things get captured in photographs are last minute thoughts. Being a mom first and photographer second, I can totally relate to the in’s and out’s of party planning PLUS wanting […]

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Christmas Tree Styles & Holiday Traditions Revealed

Trimmings such as tinsel, long loved holiday ornaments and glowing lights adorn our Christmas trees every year. Have you ever thought about WHY? Every families tree has a story to tell, about why they decorate it the way they do. Some of our trees trimmings are packed full of memories we never want to forget, some may be […]

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Spooktacular Tips For Your Halloween Photos

It’s that time of year, you are at the grocery store or your favorite craft or department store, and are surrounded by hanging spider webs, pumpkins and rows of Halloween costumes just waiting for a child to slip on and head down the candy collecting road. If you are a parent of one of those […]

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Organize A Years Worth of Digital Photos Like A Pro

  As moms we tend to be shutter bugs and want to capture our kiddos in pictures of their first day of school, first smiles, first foods or just candid moments around the house. But what do we do with the photos afterwards? If you are anything like me, they still exist  on my  camera phone, flash drive, […]

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