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We’re NOT Delaying Kindergarten

When my son entered preschool at the age of three, my husband and I had already started hearing reasons why we should consider delaying his entry into kindergarten … “His birthday is in May. You don’t want him to be the youngest in his class.” “He’s small for his age. Aren’t you afraid he’ll be […]

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Time to Punk Your Pantry

It’s time.  Time to punk your pantry. Something about a new year gets us all amped up to make huge changes in our lives. Unfortunately, that excitement often turns to frustration well before we even get all those holiday decorations packed up and put away. (Because you know mine will probably still be out through […]

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Confessions of a Gym Rat Mom

I’ll admit it, I’m a Gym Rat Mom. I really wish there was something better to call it but when I say it, you know exactly what I mean. The Yogis. The Spinners. The box-jumping-kettle-bell swinging badasses. I never really intended for it to happen- I’d always seen them but thought it just wasn’t me. […]

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