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The Long and Hard Battle for Child Support

My story is not unique; I’ve spent the past few weeks talking to moms who are fighting for child support for their children. As a parent, I really try to understand why this is such a battle for some people. As a mother of three, I am constantly thinking about the weekly budget for groceries, […]

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How My Divorce Made Me a Better Mom

Two years have passed since the last time I had to sit across the table from my ex-husband.  I could think of fifty other unpleasant activities I’d rather do. Sitting across from someone who hasn’t seen my children for a couple years isn’t one. I have seen so many families go through divorce; it’s effects are […]

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Leggings Are the Greatest Thing on Earth… I Think You’ll Agree

Legging lovers … I’m here to set the record straight! Some of you may have read this recent blog post about the forty dollar “buttah” leggings and the over zealous consultants trying to trick you into joining their online shopping groups with the hopes of winning said leggings.  According to this recent post, “…the price to own a slice of buttery legging […]

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3 Simple Hairstyles You Can Do For Fall

3 Simple Hairstyles You Can Do For Fall Top Knot Chic Gone are the days of top knots only being acceptable at the gym! This fast easy mom-do can be done in less than 5 minutes and looks chic and polished for date night or brunch with your besties. The major difference between the gym […]

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