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What You Need to Know If Your Child’s School Closes on Thursday

As I write this, our state in experiencing the most historic movement in public education since…really, ever. With an affirmative vote of teachers from across the state, a walk-out has been scheduled to protest the need for increased funding for public education. Every mama’s head is now swirling around what this means for their family, […]

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Never Give up on Your Dreams

Becoming a mom was never a part of the plan.  From a young age, my dream of becoming a career woman was absolutely certain. The future I envisioned consisted of completing a Doctorate in Philosophy, working my way up in a company, working grueling hours, publishing, editing and breathing content, teaching and impacting young lives, […]

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Why I Really Want To Homeschool

Bring up the word homeschool and you’ll get two completely different responses: one gets it and other doesn’t. One says encouraging words and other might recommend you not do it. I’ve been wanting to homeschool my children for a few years now and here’s why: I want to build the core of our family strong. I […]

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Moms of Teenagers, There is Hope, I Promise

I’ve been there, moms … you’re out shopping one day and you hold up a shirt that you know your daughter would like, “Isn’t this cute, sweetie?” She simply shrugs. No words, just a half-hearted, one-shouldered shrug. Her eyes aren’t even looking at you, they’re fixated on the ceiling, perhaps willing the heavens to just […]

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