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fertility preparedness

Fertility Preparedness

Many couples are blindsided when they have difficulty getting pregnant after a successful first pregnancy. Secondary infertility refers to difficulty getting pregnant after the birth of one or more babies and affects over 3 million couples in the US alone. Many of the same factors that cause primary infertility can cause issues in subsequent pregnancies, […]

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gift of parenthood through adoption

Embracing the Gift of Parenthood Through Adoption

After five pregnancy losses and years of failed fertility treatments, my journey to parenthood felt hopeless. The pain, grief, and loneliness I was experiencing felt too much to bear. It seemed everyone around me was celebrating carefree, successful pregnancies with ease. As my husband and I considered adoption as an opportunity to grow our family, […]

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4th trimester wellness

4th Trimester Wellness: Tips to Thrive in Postpartum

Last month’s topic of matresence, the transition to motherhood that women experience upon having a child, leads nicely into the topic of postpartum health and wellness, another area that is often ignored in medicine. Even without much planning, the baby will come and the postpartum period will commence. Our bodies are amazing like that.  But […]

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The Best Ways to Manage Postpartum Hair Loss

Having a baby is a really beautiful journey. From hearing the heartbeat for the first time to finally holding your beautiful baby after nine long months, it’s magical. But then, the baby is born and we begin the postpartum recovery period. During this time, we will experience a lot of the “fun” side-effects that come with postpartum recovery.  […]

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self-tanner during pregnancy

Can I Use Self-Tanners During Pregnancy

Pregnant and wondering if it’s safe to use self-tanning products? This guide will address if self-tanners are safe enough for pregnant women, what to look for when shopping for self-tanner, and a list of some of the best self-tanners to use while pregnant. Almost all of the products are organic, which means they’re made from […]

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