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How to Create Fun and Meaningful Family Traditions

When it comes to the holidays, the first thing that comes to mind (besides amazing food) are family traditions. Everyone has them. Whether it is an annual turkey dinner at Aunt Karen’s or Christmas Brunch at your in-laws. These special times spent with family are fun, exciting and create memories that truly last a lifetime!

Family traditions were big in my family growing up and are really meaningful to me. Since welcoming our kids, my husband and I wanted to create new weekly and annual traditions for our own little family. We wanted to make these traditions uniquely ours and incorporate them year-round. I know how hard it can be to come up with ideas when you are just starting to brainstorm new traditions for your family, so below are three tips to creating meaningful and unique family traditions to help get you started.

  • Get Creative: Think outside the box! It doesn’t need to be around a holiday, but maybe a birthday, or a day that is special for your family. What about the same restaurant for Mother’s Day, or even something as simple as “Pizza Fridays”. This get the kids excited, and also creates some fun bonding time for your family. Here is great list of Fun + Free Family Traditions!
  • Do What Fits Your Family: Each family is different and each tradition can be too. Maybe you don’t live near your extended family, and thus, “large family dinners” just aren’t on your radar; however, s’mores and story telling by the fire with your neighbors has become a monthly event. These moments are going to be what you and your children remember for years to come. In our family, we deviate slightly from tradition around the Easter holiday and hold the “Easter Olympics” at our home, we have competitions throughout the day and make it fun for everyone. Whatever traditions you choose, pick something that your entire family will love. I love these unique Falliday Tradition ideas. 
  • Focus on Experiences: We tend to get our kids less “stuff” at Christmas, and focus more on experiences. We take our kids to the North Pole Experience yearly, and it creates magical memories for all of us, and certainly lasts longer than the “hottest” toy. It leaves a smile on their face and an imprint in their heart, and that is the best tradition to make! Be sure to check out the Gift of Four to help you spend less money and focus on more important things during the holiday season.

When coming up with your traditions, create something that will get everyone excited, but most importantly have fun!

Be sure to share your traditions in the comments below, we would love to hear all about them!

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