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A Reflection of Love in a Letter to all Dads on Father’s Day

This one is for all the fathers out there. Whether you’re the husband, the partner, the adopter, the co-parent, the step-dad, the acting dad, the single dad, the mom-as-dad, or anything in between: we think you’re amazing.

To the father of my child,

Thank you.

Thank you for making literally everything fun. You know how to turn a doctor’s visit into a go-cart race and transform a bedroom into a daddy monster playground.

Thank you for never being afraid to show your emotions in front of our child; especially, but not exclusively, when it comes to the profound love you have for them. 

Thank you for being the badass, babywearing daddy that you are. You’ve rocked the ring sling, wrap, and structured carrier like a complete boss.

Thank you for taking the time to cozy up with our little one and read a book (or two or three or four). I know you don’t think you’re very good, but they do. They hear your voices and sound effects and whispers and laughter and will cherish those moments forever.

Thank you for sharing in all of the sleepless nights. You offered feedings, took the night shift, changed diapers, sang songs, and shared the load completely.

Father's Day

Thank you for being the KING of diaper changes. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been pooped on, peed on, or both, you still manage to change a diaper faster than every other person in existence. Seriously. Do you have superpowers?

Thank you for never hesitating to take the time to pause, put on some music, and have a dance party in the middle of the family room. The importance you place on family is evident in every decision you make, even the seemingly insignificant ones.

Thank you for being so invested in our little one that you can’t help but brag on them every chance you get. You can’t wait to show off the newest skill they’ve acquired because you’re so ridiculously proud of them.

Thank you for playing dress up, insisting on robot toys, matching bows with dresses, encouraging a love of dinosaurs, snuggling every chance you get, tossing them so high into the air they actually think they could fly, and giggling until our tummies ache.

Thank you for showing your affection so outwardly. For all the kisses, the hugs, the encouragement, the seriousness, the advice, the laughter, the worry, the heartbreak, the anguish, and the unconditional love.

Thank you for never being just a babysitter.

You exemplify everything a father should be, and it’s been such a gift to witness. In case we forget to tell you every other day of the week: you are an incredible father.

With love.

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