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The Top 3 Products Every {Germaphobe} Mom Should Have

I will admit it…..I am a germophobe mom. I fear germs, and my goal is to keep my kids as healthy as possible. I know kids will be kids, and they will ultimately get a cold or some type of stomach bug, but I have found a few great products that have helped me keep my kids cleaner while on the go, and to help avoid some of the nasty viruses that are passed around kid to kid. So go ahead sweet mamas, hit up that splash pad, plan that playdate or shopping trip, and go prepared with these tools in hand.


  1. Shopping Cart Cover: This was on a recent list of terrible gift items, and I was appalled! This is by far one of my favorite gift items. We use it on every cart, and I keep it in the back of my car and wash it every Friday. It really does help cover the cart and keeps your child from sucking on the handle (or is my kid the only one that finds joy in that?).
  2. Antibacterial Wipes: LOVE these. I use the Wet Ones Citrus Wipes, that are safe for hands. These come with me everywhere and stay in my cup holder in my stroller, along with a pack in my diaper bag. In and out of kids events, soccer practice, etc. both my kids get a wipe down. They smell amazing and certainly help reduce the germs on their hands before they eat a snack or shove their hands in their mouths.
  3. Disposable Table Placemats: My sweet 11-month-old thinks plates are toys, so I keep a pack of paper placemats in my diaper bag. They are so easy to use, stick to any table, and allow your babe to eat off the table germ-free! If you are really cheap, you can snag a few extras from Chic-Fil-a the next time you are there – they are one of the only restaurants that give them to customers! 🙂 

Those are my 3 go-to items, and I don’t leave home without any of them! What are your favorite go-to items to keep the germs at bay for your little ones? 

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3 Responses to The Top 3 Products Every {Germaphobe} Mom Should Have

  1. Carol June 21, 2017 at 10:47 am #

    Totally agree with all these especially the shopping cart cover which doubles as high chair cover! How can you not love that? I’m also a fan of Honest Co antibacterial spray.

  2. Katie
    Katie June 30, 2017 at 3:00 pm #

    We buy our germ white packs from Costco so I can keep them in any bag that might go with us.

    I also love having color coded water thermos’ for the family. I have no desire to share my water with my three-year-old who is around daycare germs most the day so each of us having a different color water bottle ensures that everyone has something to keep them hydrated but no one has to share the germs they’ve picked up along the way.

  3. Ashley Richards July 6, 2017 at 7:12 am #

    Love the color thermos! We use the inch bug labels on all our water bottles. Love them and they are washable!

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