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When Did I Get So Old?

As I begin to creep on my 32nd birthday, I am realizing that I am now a version of “old” to the younger generations. Don’t get me wrong, I feel young. I still don’t know what I am doing half the time (or more), but I find myself doing a few things besides the typical “adulting”… you know, paying bills, raising kids, and watching what I eat… that has me asking myself, “When did I get so OLD?” 

  • Watching the News. My husband and I wake up and turn on Channel 3 every morning. Seriously? When did the news become so exciting? We love to hear political updates, be aware of accidents that may effect my husbands drive to work, oh and the weather, to help prepare for the day. We know the TV anchors’ names. We can’t be the only ones that watch the 6am show at our age, right??
  • Make a Pot of Coffee. We are past the fancy little k-cups. We are all about function, and seeing it takes two cups of coffee (each) to really get moving in the morning, we have become that couple with a good old fashion coffee maker with a glass pot. Now granted, it does a lot of fancy things like foams milk, but we really use it to make our tasty pitcher of morning goodness. We just can’t live without our caffeine fix in the wee hours of the morning.
  • Telling Drivers to Slow Down. We love our neighborhood, but every now and again a teenager comes flying around the corner, and we are the first to yell and tell them to “slow down.” I feel like it was yesterday that we were the ones going too fast and listening to the music too loud. Nothing makes you feel old like being the nagging, not-cool neighbor, ha! But c’mon people, there are little kids at play!
  • Knowing of Items from the “Past.” Oh boy, I feel like a Grandma when kids ask about items like a pay phone, or a pager, or ask what a cassette tape is. These are all things from our past that we relied on, that are no longer around. The best one recently was when a phone book landed on my door. My daughter thought it was a funny book. Who uses these anymore? I know we did, but fancy iPads and smart phones didn’t exist “back then.”  

I didn’t realize I would feel so “old” in my early 30s, but I blinked and here we are! Most of these have me giggling, but I must say I love where I am, right now, even if that does make me “old”. What are some things that you experience that make you feel “old?”

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  1. Nikki
    Nikki August 31, 2017 at 2:07 pm #

    My husband and I literally ask this very question on the daily. Particularly when when we see people who are actually the age we feel and we realize we are for sure not in our 20s anymore. I’ll take the news and coffee any day 🙂

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