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Graduation Party Inspiration

Graduation Celebrations

Have you seen the movie Inside Out? Oh, who am I kidding. . . . if you read North Phoenix Moms Blog, then I am 90 percent certain you have seen the movie. If you haven’t, run out right this minute and rent it, because it’s a darling movie. . . just be sure you have tissues handy.

This masterful Disney movie depicts how we carry around core memories in our brain, in a sweet kid friendly way (of course). After watching the movie, it really got me thinking about what some of my core memories are. Celebrations of life milestones with my family are definitely on the list; of course birthday parties and holidays, but also achievements like graduation parties. I remember all 4 of my graduation parties: kindergarten, 6th grade, high school, and college. They all encompass heartfelt core memories that bring a smile to my face when I think about them.

Graduation parties don’t have to be big and fancy. After all, the party should really be about celebrating the achievements of the graduate. But I guarantee you, no matter how old the graduate, a celebration of scholastic achievement will become a core memory for the rest of the graduate’s life.

Below you will find some graduation party inspiration appropriate for all kinds of celebrations, kindergarten through college!

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