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Happy Hostess: Miles From Tomorrowland


Thank you to Disney Jr. for the activity kits and Dutch Brothers for the kids cups. My opinions are my own and loved the items provided for this party.

Earlier this month, Disney premiered a new show called “Miles From Tomorrowland.” As soon as my Miles saw the short promo MONTHS AGO, he was extremely excited about it. So for fun, I planned a “Miles From Tomorrowland” Premiere Party and invited some of his friends.

Food was fairly easy. We created Shooting Star Sandwiches with peanut butter and Nutella and peanut butter and jelly.

North Phoenix Moms Blog - Miles From Tomorrowland 2

Kids created their own Fruit Rockets on a stick.

These Moon Rocks are some of our favorite healthy cookies.

North Phoenix Moms Blog - Miles From Tomorrowland 3

We had a bowl full of Asteroids.

North Phoenix Moms Blog - Miles From Tomorrowland 6

And Veggies from Venus.

North Phoenix Moms Blog - Miles From Tomorrowland 4

Kids blasted off with Rocket Fuel which was very easy to make… raspberry lemonade concentrate from the grocery freezer. I had big plans to make my own lemonade with lemons from my mother-in-law’s tree, but unfortunately I ran out of time.

I also wanted to send a shout out to the West Valley Dutch Brothers for the cups! My carpet was safe and the kids loved them.

But before we all sat down to enjoy the food and watch the show, kids created their own Rocket Take-Home Treat Bag.

North Phoenix Moms Blog - Miles From Tomorrowland 7

I gave each of the little astronauts these styrofoam plates (99 cents from Fry’s) filled with decorations and a little glue and a craft stick.

North Phoenix Moms Blog - Miles From Tomorrowland 5

The treat bags turned out great!  And they got to fill them at the treat table. Kids got Galaxy Gummies which were sparkling jelly beans.  Starburst.  Candy Comets… and Meteorites that I bought at the candy store.  Plus Spinning Saturns and Bouncing Planets, thanks to the party section at Target.

North Phoenix Moms Blog - Miles From Tomorrowland 1

For the signs, I pulled pictures off the internet and glued them to craft sticks. I also created these badges from a website.

Best of all, Disney sent us a box full of activities that the kids took home including three activity pages, trading cards and badges. Thanks Katie!

By the way, the show was a hit. We’ve watched the few episodes they’ve aired over and over and over. I’m sure you’ve been there. You can catch new episodes of “Miles From Tomorrowland” on Friday mornings at 9am.

Have you seen Miles from Tomorrowland?  What is your child’s favorite tv show?

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2 Responses to Happy Hostess: Miles From Tomorrowland

  1. Eileen February 18, 2015 at 11:45 am #

    so fun!!! What a great idea for a party!!

  2. Tori Huckaba July 10, 2015 at 7:25 am #

    My son wants a Miles from Tomorrowland birthday party this year. I wanted to ask you what the recipe for your “moon rocks” is? Also how did you get Disney to send you a box full of stuff? Thanks

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