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How To Throw An Awesome Olympic Party Your Kids Will Love

The year was 1992, and like any tween who swam competitively, I had one idol. Her name was Summer Sanders. Don’t know who she is? You can read all about her and her amazing swimming career here. . . . basically she was like the Michael Phelps of the early 90’s.

My grandmother bought me a scrapbook in the Spring of 1992 and I decided I was going to dedicate it to my idol. Looking back, if anyone saw this scrapbook today, it may be borderline creepy, hahaha. Every newspaper and magazine article (gasp, pre-internet) I could find on Summer was carefully clipped and glued into the scrapbook. This continued through the Spring and into the Summer, and then it was finally time. . . time for the 1992 Summer Olympic games in Barcelona, Spain. My love for the Olympics began here. I was hooked. I faithfully watched my Summer win 2 golds, a silver, and a bronze medal in those games, and have loved watching the Olympics ever since.
The Olympics are such a great event to get kids involved in watching. There is a sport for everyone, no matter what their interest. And what a fun way to expand on the excitement of the games than by hosting an Olympic party of your own? This year is especially fun because of its location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! Full of energy and color. . . the music, the food, the traditional costumes. What a great opportunity to teach our kids about another culture and about one of the greatest sporting events of all time.

Here are some great ideas to host your own Olympic Party!

Olympic party with DIY torches
Easy kids olympic party
USA olympic party beverage table
Party printable for summer olympics
Printable for 2016 Rio olympics
DIY medal stand for kids olympic party
Olympic party activity- DIY pool noodle hurdle
Long jump activity for olympic party
Water bottle activity for olympic party
Kids olympic party activity- bean bag toss
I hope you and your family enjoy watching and celebrating the Olympics this year! For more party inspiration, check out Mindy Alyse Inspiration, or you can find me on Instagram, and Facebook. Happy Planning!

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    Jen July 25, 2016 at 10:41 pm #

    These are great ideas!!! I can’t wait to try to pick one and do something fun for my kiddos and maybe little friends! This makes me excited for the Olympics!

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