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Husbands, the Truth Is the Grass Is NOT Always Greener

Oh husbands. How we love you dearly. Your amazing partners in life and fun-loving dads to our littles. But please remember the grass is NOT always greener on the other side. My sweet husband constantly makes remarks about how he would love to stay home with the kids while I went to work, and how he would make that change in a heartbeat. Well, I’m here to tell you that it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows with kids at home, all day every day. I honestly get a little envious of my husband’s long quiet drive to work, his ability to shower every morning and get dressed up. Oh, and lunch. I think about him eating lunch ALONE. QUIETLY. WITH HOT FOOD! You see, we always imagine and believe that the grass is truly always greener on the other side, and it’s time to change that perspective.

greener on the other side

  1. Value your spouse. Stay home, work from home, working parent, whatever it is value what they bring to the table. Value the commitment, the time, and the courage to make that choice and one that is best for your family. 
  2. Appreciate the little things. I try to tell my husband “thank you” for working hard for us. I love hearing my husband say I’m a great mother or “Wow, the floors look amazing.” I love when he finds it attractive for me to work from home and be able to tend to our two little kids. Appreciate it all, because the effort needs to be noticed and valued by one another, even if it is expected.
  3. Shine the happiness in your kids. Be sure to love on one another when they get home. Leave the talks and disagreements for later. They can wait for the kids to go to sleep. These little people need to see love from among their mom and dad. This also allows for some great family time to transition from the tough day, whether at the office or with a stubborn toddler. 
  4. Stay humble. Both jobs are stressful at times. You both have bosses that you must please; you both have grueling schedules, and there are long days. But stay humble. Even a stay at home mom can have a bad day, a stressful time, and feel that same stress that can easily come in an office environment. 

Keep watering your grass together, and you will see that both sides, both roles, are equally important and critical to raising young children. Don’t forget to enjoy life while you’re at it. 

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