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Why My Kids and I Love Impact Gymnastics Academy!

This post was sponsored by our partners at Impact Gymnastics Academy. However, all inclusions are authentic representations of a family's genuine experience at Impact Gymnastics and we are excited to share all they have to offer with our readership.

School is back in full force and kids are bouncing off the walls, literally.  I’m running out of time in a day to accomplish tasks while on mom duty.  My kids are smart, but bored if I’m not entertaining and engaging them right away when they get home.  To be fair, I get it; I like to move my body and run around with my friends.  So, when Impact Gymnastics Academy opened by our home early last year, I knew I wanted to sign them up.  

Impact Gymnastics Academy is a local women-owned business, and as a mom I feel so good about supporting them.  After a year of classes my kids have been honored as star students, moved up levels, and mastered new skills.  Both of my kids are in class at the same time and Impact Gymnastics Academy has wi-fi so I’ve got built in time to get some work done while they’re jumping around.  I call this mommy-tasking!  

Impact Gymnastics

So, why is Impact our favorite Gymnastics studio in Phoenix? Lots of reasons!  

First of all, Impact Gymnastics Academy runs year round, and they even have summer camps!  The themes are fun and original, and it’s a safe environment free from the Arizona heat.  It includes activities, entertainment and lunch.  It’s a great investment to keep the kids busy and out of the house a couple hours a day.  Mark your calendars and plan ahead for next year!  

Impact Gymnastics

Impact Gymnastics Academy is in the process of expanding their current location to include an additional 13,694 sq. ft., putting them at just about 25,000 sq. ft. total.  If you’re curious, the new space is the size of a grocery store (I know this because it used to be one!) And the new space isn’t the only thing they are adding!  They’re also including another competition floor, an expanded and reconfigured pit and vault area, in-ground trampolines and tumble track, and a separate party room and dance studio.  

The new additional space will also be home to an exclusive kinder and recreational gym space.  The kinder gym is really exciting for parents with kids under 5 years old, because it creates a safe space for itty bitty littles to explore and interact without having to worry about the big kids getting in their way.   And as a mom of slightly older kids, it’s also comforting knowing my kids won’t accidentally run over a smaller child.

Impact Gymnastics

We also love Impact Gymnastics Academy because of their amazing teachers and the benefits that exceed physical skills.  The instructors are helpful and supportive with the kids and genuinely enthusiastic to be there.  And, kids are learning so much more than technique; Impact Gymnastics Academy is also teaching my children listening skills, respect and teamwork that makes a weekly class like this worthwhile. 

Impact Gymnastics

In addition to all those new spaces, Impact Gymnastics Academy will also have a new Ninjazone, which is a combination of gymnastics, parkour, and karate. The Ninjazone will be offered to boys and girls ages 3-11.  (Due to the nature of the Ninjazone classes they will not be co-ed.).

Impact Gymnastics

If your gymnast is interested in the tumbling aspect of gymnastics, like my daughter, Impact Gymnastics Academy is also launching their Power Tumbling Team, which is a competitive team that competes in the spring.  Power Tumbling is a series of tumbling skills (best explained in this video) put together to compete on a rod floor.  Watching my kids do flips and jumps is so exciting, and I know they find the experience rewarding.  They always finish class with a smile on their face telling me about the new trick or technique they learned.  Even more exciting is when they ring the “achievement bell” and everyone in the studio cheers for them.  Talk about positive reinforcement and esteem building!

Impact Gymnastics

Impact Gymnastics

So, when’s the best time to sign up your kiddos? RIGHT NOW!

This month Impact Gymnastics Academy is offering $10 off your first month’s tuition.   And, you can take advantage of their Refer-a-Friend program!  When you refer a friend you and your friend will get $10 off your tuition!  This is awesome if you’re already singed up, because you can still get $10 of your tuition when you tell your friends!

Learn more about Impact Gymnastics Academy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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