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What to Do with All of Your Kids’ Artwork?!  

I’m three months into preschool with my oldest child and I am already overwhelmed by the amount of artwork she comes home with. Drawings, paintings, sketches, and stickers thrown on a paper. I love them. They are adorable, but was feeling a bit lost on what to do with them all! So I got creative and came up with three solutions to organize your kids’ artwork and homework! 

Memory Box: Each one of my kids has a memory box with little outfits, baby books and cute documents from school. Each year I create a new file to store that year’s doodles and cute hand made gifts from my sweet littles. This is a great way to keep the ones you love, but not clutter the house with them. 

Brag Board: I made this adorable brag board at Pinspiration and it’s perfect! I love when my daughter comes home with season themed creatives like a pumpkin or fall leaves, and I pin them up on the board for all to see. She walks by and points and shows off her sweet art skills.

Gift Them: We love to make little gifts for others and mail them away! We gave a cute piece of artwork to our mailman and he said it “made is day!” Such a simple gesture, but a great way to help kids give back and make things for others. 

I’m all about functional and clutter free in my home and this gives the fun kids’ artwork memories a home somewhere, keeping them off my kitchen table 😉 How do you organize the kids’ artwork in your home? 

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One Response to What to Do with All of Your Kids’ Artwork?!  

  1. Sharon December 23, 2017 at 4:04 pm #

    I take photos of my favorite ones and send the rest to grandparents or let our sons hang them up in their rooms. I will admit that the rest we throw away. There’s just so much!

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