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Medical History Freebie

As mothers, we do some pretty incredible things; but perhaps nothing is quite as impressive as the mental load we carry. We coordinate appointments, manage medications, plan schedules, recall addresses, phone numbers, friends’ names, and even house a complete medical history… IN OUR HEADS. The mental load is legit, so I’m constantly looking for ways to organize and create more sustainable systems for housing important information.

Medical history is one thing that scares me to reference primarily by memory. Sure, there are patient portals and maybe even old school filing systems for receipts and paperwork (if that’s your style), but they just don’t include all of the information I want at my disposable when discussing my family’s health and history. Not to mention, it is enough work to manage the immediate family’s information, let alone my parents and their parents. That medical history is necessary though, so I created my own system to keep everything handy, accessible, and more importantly, to have a hard copy/record of information to eventually pass on to my children.medical history

The first page is an informational sheet for each child in your family. Under “relationship,” you will put son/daughter, niece/nephew, whomever you are keeping the record for. Record any known allergies or conditions and record any MAJOR illnesses or surgeries below.

The next page covers medications. I know a lot of parents like to keep track of what medications their child has been given and the frequency of each. Record these here.

The final pages are pretty self-explanatory. There’s one page to record a medical history for mom and dad. Another page for maternal grandparents, paternal grandparents, and even great grandparents. These are particularly important for tracking more serious conditions and diseases that may run in the family.

Download the complete PDF here: Medical History Freebie

I hope you may find this as helpful as I have! Happy organizing!

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