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Do I Really Miss Pregnancy and All That Comes With It?

With a two year old and a seven month old I’d say I’ve experienced enough pregnancy for a lifetime. I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas pregnant two years in a row … something I probably wouldn’t wish on anyone, and yet, here I am looking at my friends with their beautiful pregnancy announcements and ‘bump pics’ asking myself “Do I miss that? Do I want that again?” Being the type A person that I am, I figured making a list of things that I both miss and definitely do not miss to help sort through it all was the best plan.


Fun Pregnancy Announcement. Whether it’s a letter board, baby shoes or adorable ‘big brother’ tee shirts, the internet has no shortage of cute ideas. Although, along with that announcement comes the first trimester morning sickness. Or in my cases, all day sickness. What was it I mumbled over the toilet just over a year ago? Oh yeah it was, “Never get me pregnant again or I’ll kill you”….

The Amazing Little Flutter in Your Stomach. That tingling you feel when your baby first moves is truly an experience like no other. Of course, the kicks get much more pronounced as your baby grows. Pretty soon you’re getting whacked in the gut while trying to sleep. Don’t even get me started on baby positions. Have you ever had the joy of an elbow under your rib cage?

Maternity Clothing. It’s like I can’t scroll through my Instagram without a beautiful mother, cradling her bump in a floral dress and matching headband. Of course maternity clothing is super expensive considering how long you wear it for. I also wish someone would have told me that towards the end of your pregnancy it doesn’t even fit! The last few weeks I lived in my husband’s gym shorts because even those comfy maternity jeans I splurged on couldn’t fit over my belly.

Sweet Interactions with Family and Friends. “How are you feeling?” “Can I help you with anything?” “You’re glowing!” I mean, sometimes I wished I could be pregnant forever because people are so considerate! Of course, the flip side is the awesome comments that people should have kept to themselves. “Wow, you’re waddling is so cute!!’ “Are you tired? You look REALLY tired?” “You’re so much bigger this time, and you’ve definitely gained some wright in your face!” Insert major eye roll.

Knowing You’re About to Meet the Love of Your Life. There is so much anxiety and anticipation leading up to the birth. Honestly, all the nights begging for labor to start so I could meet my sweet kids just seem like a blur now.

Maybe my pregnancies weren’t all that beautiful in the moment, but they feel like a wonderful memory. I’ll continue to stalk my pregnant friends social media accounts, maybe with a glass of wine, knowing that the best is yet to come.

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