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To the Motherless Moms this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is such a bittersweet holiday for me and it has been for the last 19 years, ever since my mother passed away. I have to be honest here and tell you the first few years of Mother’s Days without her were just in plain bitter. I was upset and emotional on this day year after year, wishing she were there to celebrate with, because she was worth celebrating just like the rest of the moms. But as I grew older, and got married, I gained a new mom, a mother-in-law who has taken me in as her own, and now I get to celebrate her.

The year I became a mom, my Mother’s Day celebrations changed even more as I was celebrated throughout the day. It’s amazing to finally have found the “sweet” in the Mother’s Day celebration, but I still don’t go through the day without feeling my heart beat a little differently without my own mom.  As the years go by, more and more friends are losing parents as they age, and I wanted to share a few ways to celebrate your mama, even if she isn’t here physically with you to enjoy it with. 

  1. Tell Her Stories. Your kids will never know their grandma the way you knew her, so tell them about her. Share fun moments and memories you had with her , so that she can come alive again in their imaginations and thoughts.
  2. Honor Her. Read a favorite book, scroll through videos or photos, and honor her by remembering her best qualities. 
  3. Celebrate You. It’s easy to get sucked into a day of sadness without your mom, but be sure to celebrate YOU, your mother-in-law, friends that are moms, or any moms you love! I am sure your mama wouldn’t want you to waste the day in sadness. 
  4. Leave a Legacy. Build your kids to love and appreciate life, as death is a constant reminder that this life is short, and helps us remember that we need to make the best of it. 

My heart goes out to the sweet mamas who are celebrating their first Mother’s Day without their mom. Stay close to your loved ones, and remember your mom throughout the day as you hug your little ones tighter. 

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