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The Benefits of Parenting in a Digital World

The internet and social media are pretty unavoidable at this point. Day after day I read articles about how hard it is to parent with people watching your every move, (ie on social media), but is there an upside to parenting in this digital world? I think there is. 

Parenting Digital World

Answers at the Tip of Your Fingers

When it comes to parenting, you are bound to have questions. We’ve all had a moment where we questioned if something was wrong. Mine came when my son was just three days old and hadn’t had a wet diaper in hours. A quick internet search revealed I hadn’t been giving him enough formula. Thankfully, I was able get him full and peeing without a trip to the ER. (That night was actually the longest and hardest of my life, but without the help of Google it would have been even worse!) 

Support Systems

I’m lucky to have lots of family around, but I’ve also found help in an unlikely place, Facebook groups. I’m a member of a number of groups, including our very own North Phoenix Moms group. It’s a great way to meet other moms, ask questions or just vent. 


Sometimes when you can’t physically escape the house the best thing to do is hop on the computer during nap time. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or my personal favorite, Pinterest, it’s nice to get away from everything. You can “get away” without actually getting in the car.


Many husbands might now agree, but online shopping has changed the game. I use Amazon constantly. It’s great during the sweltering Arizona summer when it’s too hot to go anywhere. It’s also a cool way to support smaller shops who don’t have an actual storefront.

Opportunity for Income

This is the time of the mompreneur. The internet has given moms a way to support their family. Whether it’s a small shop on Etsy for handmade goods, or doing online parties as a consultant for a direct sales business, moms everywhere are finding ways to provide for their family. 

So for me, I’m happy to be raising babies when I am. I know the internet has some special challenges, but as a whole I’m so thankful for the access and information it provides me on a daily basis. 

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  1. Katie
    Katie December 18, 2017 at 12:15 pm #

    I wouldn’t wish parenting on anyone who doesn’t have access to google! Seriously, so many strange and unknown things can happen in a day, the ability to research at all hours of the day is imperative to keeping sane and ruling out sudden crisis!!

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