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Talents and Passions Pushed Aside

Motherhood is such a whirlwind. Your entire life revolves around you and a significant other (maybe). Then a few magically painful hours pass and everything, and I mean everything is different! Showers are timed, your job is broken up by pumping sessions and even your meals are dictated by the amount of free hands you […]

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Why I Don’t Treat My Kids the Same

I have two kids. One boy and one girl. One big and one little. One kid for my right arm and one for my left. Restaurants always have a table for our family of four and no one is ever left out on the rides at Disneyland.   Sounds like perfect balance, right? The thing is, there’s nothing […]

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potty training

Potty Training is a Mess

Potty training is a mess. Literally. It’s one giant ball of different emotions. It’s smelly. It’s exhausting. It’s sticky. It’s absolutely flipping horrible and I’ve gotta say…I hate it. If I could hire someone to come over for the weekend and guarantee my three year old would be potty trained, I’d do it. I’m pretty […]

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another child

When He Doesn’t Want Another Baby

  Once my son turned one, the idea of having another kid slowly crept in. It started with admiration on the cuteness of other babies, to wanting to hold babies, to wanting to smell babies, to friends getting pregnant, to being jelly that they were pregnant, and finally to demanding another child. My baby fever […]

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one year

The One-Year Rule

The doctor said it would take six weeks for my body to heal after having a baby. My work told me that after 12 weeks (unpaid) I would be ready to return to come back full-time. The actress I follow on Instagram told me that if I wear a belly band and do a special […]

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