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Money Honey

I remember the day I left for college and my mom handed me a Suze Orman book, I always budgeted my own money, I always paid my own way. I had an allowance growing up and I did chores to earn it. I got my first paying job (though I worked for trade earlier than […]

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find joy

Focus on Joy

We all need a little detox from time to time. I’m not talking the “only drink juice for three days, live off lemonade, or tea for dinner” kind of detox. I am talking taking a mental break. Taking time to remember who you are, outside of mommy, if necessary. Taking the time to rid yourself […]

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I Unfriended My Mother on Social Media

Yes, I hit the unfriend button and have zero regrets. Let me start by saying, if you have a healthy relationship with your mother than this statement is probably a bit shocking. I imagine some women thinking to themselves, “wow that is extreme” or “I could never do that”, however, for those of us that […]

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another child

When He Doesn’t Want Another Baby

  Once my son turned one, the idea of having another kid slowly crept in. It started with admiration on the cuteness of other babies, to wanting to hold babies, to wanting to smell babies, to friends getting pregnant, to being jelly that they were pregnant, and finally to demanding another child. My baby fever […]

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Are You Really Taking the Time for Meaningful Self-Care?

Self-care is a trending topic amongst women, particularly mothers, right now. It’s common to see friends and fellow mamas post images of their spa day or shopping spree in the name of #selfcare. On occasion, we dig deeper and include our physical health under this umbrella, too. It’s all much-needed, well-deserved, and often long overdue. […]

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Why Nagging is Poison to a Marriage

When I told my husband I would be writing a post on nagging, he laughed. Why you ask? Because I deal with this nagging battle on a daily basis and my husband knows of this struggle. I quickly followed up my blog idea by clarifying that I would be writing about how nagging is a […]

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