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We’re NOT Delaying Kindergarten

When my son entered preschool at the age of three, my husband and I had already started hearing reasons why we should consider delaying his entry into kindergarten … “His birthday is in May. You don’t want him to be the youngest in his class.” “He’s small for his age. Aren’t you afraid he’ll be […]

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The Day My Kindergartener Left Me Behind

Just a few weeks ago, my almost 6 year old finally hit the magical 40 pound mark. In her beautiful little mind, this was the equivalent of being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Tears of joy literally brimmed on her lashes as I told her that yes, we could finally move her to her high-backed […]

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The School Days Are Here….

Looking back upon my first year as a mama, I remember so eagerly anticipating those major milestone events…..first time rolling over, first words, first steps….you know, the ones you obsess over, compare with your fellow mamas, making sure your child is “on track”. Sure enough, those milestones come and go. Sometimes with a tear or […]

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