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single mom

‘Tis The Season to Celebrate Single Mom Life!

The holidays are a trying time for anyone as they bring many more demands and many more stresses. Albeit, they are worth it to experience great moments in our lives with our families and friends. As a single mom, this holiday season brings me much stress but more importantly… much joy! For it is this […]

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meet mom friends

5 Places to Meet Mom Friends

If you missed my first list, you can read about seven places to meet mom friends here. I’m back with five more places to meet mom friends, because we all know that motherhood can be lonely. Having a village of like-minded friends can help get you through the hard days and the long nights (having […]

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who are you

Talents and Passions Pushed Aside

Motherhood is such a whirlwind. Your entire life revolves around you and a significant other (maybe). Then a few magically painful hours pass and everything, and I mean everything is different! Showers are timed, your job is broken up by pumping sessions and even your meals are dictated by the amount of free hands you […]

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Staying home with toddlers

Staying Home with Toddlers: Toy Trucks and Stickers on the Dog

“I have to get out of this house today,” I thought as I watched my two-year-old twin boys push around their toy trucks on the hardwood floor while I sipped my morning coffee. I considered what we might do today, because anytime we leave the house involves careful planning for (hopefully) successful execution. Part of […]

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