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The Best Ways to Manage Postpartum Hair Loss

Having a baby is a really beautiful journey. From hearing the heartbeat for the first time to finally holding your beautiful baby after nine long months, it’s magical. But then, the baby is born and we begin the postpartum recovery period. During this time, we will experience a lot of the “fun” side-effects that come with postpartum recovery.  […]

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self-tanner during pregnancy

Can I Use Self-Tanners During Pregnancy

Pregnant and wondering if it’s safe to use self-tanning products? This guide will address if self-tanners are safe enough for pregnant women, what to look for when shopping for self-tanner, and a list of some of the best self-tanners to use while pregnant. Almost all of the products are organic, which means they’re made from […]

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another child

When He Doesn’t Want Another Baby

  Once my son turned one, the idea of having another kid slowly crept in. It started with admiration on the cuteness of other babies, to wanting to hold babies, to wanting to smell babies, to friends getting pregnant, to being jelly that they were pregnant, and finally to demanding another child. My baby fever […]

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birthing center

A Primer on the Birth Center Experience

Birth and everything concerning it is a very emotional and personal topic, so please let me preface this opinion piece with a disclaimer. Please remember that these are: 1) My opinions, and  2) When I speak in general about birthing, I’m speaking about pregnant women without any complications or health conditions. This is simply my […]

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one year

The One-Year Rule

The doctor said it would take six weeks for my body to heal after having a baby. My work told me that after 12 weeks (unpaid) I would be ready to return to come back full-time. The actress I follow on Instagram told me that if I wear a belly band and do a special […]

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