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We Love to Buy Swimsuits in the Summer – Do You?

I don’t know about you, but over here we have a serious addiction to buying swimsuits. Especially now that I have a second baby girl and I can get them matching or color coordinating swimmers. What’s cuter than mini swimsuits in great prints and chubby little baby thighs?  Nothing I tell ya! Living in AZ in the summer I feel like we’re either in the pool or at a splash pad almost daily, so I don’t really feel bad about having multiple bathing suits because at one time or another there’s always one still drying.

Style- Mama & Mini SwimsuitsI wanted to put together a list and some links of my favorite swimmers this summer. I’m typically in the water with my girls, so I also included some flattering swimwear for mamas too! Enjoy and have fun beating the heat.  Hopefully only another month or two left.

Style- Mama & Mini Swimsuits

From Left to Right…

Row 1. Gap Toddler Swim/ Tea Collection Boys Trunks/ Crew & Lu Swim

Row 2. Albion Fit One Piece/ Tea Collection Girls Suit/ Kortni Jeane Girls Seperates

Row 3. Kortni Jeane Boys Trunks/ Kortni Jean Womens Two Piece/ Crew & Lu Swim Coverup

I’m in the market for a new swimmer for myself but I’m totally torn between the Kortni Jeane two pieces and the Albion Fit one piece.  Which would you pick?

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