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How to Avoid the Heat and Workout in the Summer!

If you’re like me, the official start to summer in Phoenix begins when temperatures are topping out in the triple digits throughout the week… well before the rest of the country. As the mom to a newborn, I have some serious summer goals including getting the baby weight off. However, the extremely high temps in Phoenix do not provide much inspiration to get moving and help me work towards my goal of losing the baby weight and getting my body back in shape.  As a postpartum mom, getting in a workout in the summer will take a little creativity!  

workout in the summer

Are you seeking ways to stay fit this summer? Here’s a list of activities that can be done while still avoiding the dreaded heat!

  • Hop in the pool and participate in activities like Zumba, water aerobics, or volleyball
  • Hit the numerous trails at local parks for a sunrise / early morning hike
  • Lace up some skates at the local roller rink or ice skating rink 
  • Window shop while racking up steps on your activity tracker by mall walking (check out Arrowhead and PV mall they both allow Mall Walkers building access before their retails stores open)
  • Don’t want to drive to the mall? Consider house walking (yes, it’s a thing check out this article for more info!)
  • Sign up for an online challenge like DietBet (focus on weight loss) or StepBet (focus on daily steps)
  • Take advantage of trial memberships at local gyms and workout facilities near you for a no cost way to get variety and an air-conditioned workout

Use this list to join me in not letting 100+ degree days take away motivation to participate in some type of fitness daily. Also, please comment below or share on social media, using the hashtag #nphxmoms, if you’ve had success with any of these types of activities or have something that works well for you! We would love to hear what everyone is doing to stay cool and fit this summer.

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