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Christmas DIY Gold Glitter Mason Jar

In true Rachel fashion I’m STILL working on getting teacher’s holiday gifts together for my daughters preschool teachers and our daycare providers. Luckily my friend Jessica came up with a BEAUTIFUL Christmas DIY Gold Glitter Mason Jar craft that is quick and simple. I put a teacher spin on mine by adding pencils, post it notes, candy canes and hand sanitizers but the gold mason jar idea is something anyone has gotta have this holiday season! See Jessica’s DIY write up below for this “AMASON” jar gift!
Christmas DIY Gold Glitter Mason Jar
Hi, I’m Jessica from Flecky Fotography. Not only do I love photography, I also love to be crafty! I recently saw a pin on Pinterest for gold mason jars and thought it would be fun to glitz up some jars for the holidays! This project is so easy and inexpensive. I’m going to make these as Christmas gifts for friends and family this year. Wouldn’t this make a darling housewarming gift?
The items you will need for this simple project are: 1 mason jar (I prefer the 6 cup wide mouth), Krylon Gold Foil spraypaint, Mod Podge, extra fine gold glitter, burlap string, gold string, and blue painters tape (not pictured). 
Christmas DIY Gold Glitter Mason Jar
First, start with your Mason jar and spraypaint.
 Christmas DIY Gold Glitter Mason Jar
Go ahead! Spray away! Don’t go too crazy…you don’t want to put so much on that it starts to drip. Just start with a thin coat, wait a few minutes and then coat again. Do this about 5 times until it’s opaque. Let it dry completely. This could take hours. I let mine dry overnight before I applied the glitter.
 Christmas DIY Gold Glitter Mason Jar
Once your gold mason jar is totally dry, place blue painters tape around the bottom third of the jar.
Next, brush on mod podge all the way around the jar.
Christmas DIY Gold Glitter Mason Jar
Now the fun, but messy part… sprinkle glitter all the way around making sure it adheres to the glue. Isn’t that sparkly?
Christmas DIY Gold Glitter Mason Jar
Christmas DIY Gold Glitter Mason Jar
Let it dry about 10 minutes and carefully, slowly peel off the blue painters tape. Don’t rip it off because some of the gold spraypaint will come off with it. If it does, don’t worry, just cover up the glitter and run a quick coat of spray over the jar.
Next, take your burlap string and gold string and wrap it around the “neck” of the jar. Tie a shoelace bow.
Christmas DIY Gold Glitter Mason Jar
You’re done! Grab some holiday floral and put it in the jar like so!
Christmas DIY Gold Glitter Mason Jar
Easy, glitzy and fun! Hope you enjoyed this project. I can’t wait to do this in other metallics like silver and rose gold!

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  1. stacey December 17, 2013 at 3:06 pm #

    Adorable!!! 🙂

    • Rachel Harding December 17, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

      I thought so too! Hope Reegan’s teachers LOVE…I know I would. Hehe!

  2. Eileen December 17, 2013 at 5:09 pm #



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