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3 Reasons to Celebrate with Holiday Pajamas

The busyness of the holidays can be a huge stress. Decorations to hang, parties to attend, elves to hide, you name it. The expectations for creating the perfect day for your family can be panic inducing. In my family our oldest son’s birthday occurs at the midway point between Thanksgiving and Christmas, adding additional demands on our already packed holiday schedule. In an effort to ensure my sanity there is only one holiday tradition I make sure happens every year: holiday themed pajamas, for the whole immediate family.

Want to get your family convinced to join in on the fun? Share with them my top three reasons to make a tradition of family holiday pajamas:

1 – Reminder to Relax

On Thanksgiving night we open our pajama packages which usually include things like a Google Play gift card to download a movie, packets of hot chocolate and popcorn, some mini containers of Baileys for the adults, and fleece lap blankets for all. Anytime we pull out the holiday pajamas or use the items in our gift boxes we are reminded to slow down and relax as a family.

2 – The Best Family Photos

If your kids do best at smiling in photos when someone is being goofy, just wait until they see mom and dad in matching pajamas looking like an elf or Santa Claus!

Holiday Pajamas

3 – An Excuse to Wear Pajamas All Day

Need to head to the in-laws for Christmas breakfast but you’re just not ready to get out of those cozy pajamas? No worries! Arrive in solidarity with your family and no one will question.

The only difficult part of making this an annual tradition — deciding on the which pajamas to buy! For some great options consider shopping at:  Hanna AnderssonTargetKohls

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