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To the Mothers Who Are Fixers of Everything, All the Time

Do you ever get to bed at night and look back on the day you had and think things like:

Only a mother could accomplish all of that…”

Boy, they have no idea how lucky they are…”

The outcome would have been so different if…”

So many nights I go to bed exhausted, but seriously in awe of what I accomplished during the day. Many of those nights follow days when things just didn’t go according to plan, and by nature, I stepped up, figured things out, and somehow made the day look effortless to others around me.

I’ve always been a fixer, but as a mom, I find that fixing is my undercover super secret skill, and I say that because sometimes I’m not sure the people I’m fixing things for really understand the amount of effort it takes to make all the things in our world come together.

Don’t get me wrong, my husband and my children are very good about displaying their appreciation for me, but on some days, I do secretly imagine how the day would have transpired if I hadn’t played fixer.

Take for example the day last month where I got my youngest son strapped into his car seat, went to turn on my car, only to find the car wouldn’t start. I immediately got my son out, went back upstairs and informed my husband that we were now all taking one car to work and I would drop everyone off at school and work, and then head into work myself and figure out the rest of the day from there. By 3pm I had already gotten my car towed to the dealership, approved the repairs needed to get it back in working order, and sent my husband a text to Uber to the dealership after work, pick up the car and food for dinner on the way home, and I’d grab the boys from school when my work day was over.

The very next day my husband thanked me again for driving him the day before and mentioned how great it was to get to commute together in the morning. My oldest son, who is four, loved that mom and dad were there to drop him off at school. And the youngest, well he got an extra hour nap in the car so it wasn’t too bad for him either. Me though, I left that day exhausted and drained and still came home to a normal night of activities that lead straight up to the minute I put my head on my pillow and waited until my alarm clock blared at 5 a.m. to start the chaos again.

As a Mom, Wife, Fixer of Everything, I do hereby declare that I will continue to make the world look like it operates effortlessly to those around me; but if I so much as get an eye roll when I try to go to bed 30 minutes early on those effortless but out of the ordinary nights you can expect one or more the following statements out of my mouth:

“Only a mother could accomplish all of that…”

“Boy, they have no idea how lucky they are…”

“The outcome would have been so different if…”

North Phoenix Moms, are there any other statements you’d add to this list? Comment below!

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