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When Perspective Becomes Necessary for Parental Survival

The daily grind becomes a bit overwhelming, wouldn’t you agree? Our day to day always looks so simple when you lie down and think about the coming day. You need to get the kids to school, run a few errands, work on some projects for an hour while the kids nap, and make a delicious dinner for your husband by the time he gets home. It seems so put together and easy to accomplish, until the morning comes.

When your kids wake up late, they are whiny. You forget a backpack on the way out and have to run home to get it. The kids won’t nap so you don’t get your project done, and of course your husband comes home to a messy house and something quick and easy for dinner. What happened? I know for me, the demands of our little kiddos can delay projects or lists of things to-do, or even scratch them all together. Who needs an organized hall closet anyways? (Crossed that one of last week). 

The chaos has me frustrated or overwhelmed as my list of to-dos grows, but my time is spread so thin already with the needs of the kids, the home, and work. This last week, during the midst of a crazy day, it hit me. These sweet little kids that need us all day and sometimes all night aren’t going to need us forever. They will get older, and need us less and less, and before we know it, they will be independent and moving out of our house.

I realized that it is a privilege that these beautiful children call for me when they are scared, when they need a kiss on a boo-boo, or when they are hungry. It’s truly a gift that they love me so much to come to me for every need, even the small ones.

So, mamas. I’m saying it’s all about perspective.

The next time you feel overwhelmed, or feel like screaming if you here “mommy” one more time …. remember, the days might be long, but the years? Oh, they are short. We will blink and miss these sweet  “mommy, mommy, mommy” days. During the crazy days, change your perspective, and you will realize, the mess is worth leaving, the work will be there when the kids go to bed, and your heart will be filled so much more when you use the time with them wisely.

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