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5 Practical Ways to Make 2018 Your Year!

I keep reading these adorable, yet cliché New Year posts like “It’s a blank page to a new chapter” or “Start the Year Off Right,” but I am not seeing posts with tools, ideas, or ways to make the year better than the year prior. Granted we all know how many obstacles we face throughout the year, but that shouldn’t stop you from starting 2018 off on the right foot!

2018Here are my 5 tips to start 2018 off right and truly make it your year!

  1. Purge.  Go through your kid’s toys (because you know they just got way too many for Christmas). Evaluate your closet, your garage, and every cabinet in your home. I try to tackle a drawer or two each day and get rid of old items, things I don’t use or wear anymore, or outdated items. You will feel so free if you reduce the clutter and stuff in your life, I promise!
  2. Plan. I like to look at the year as a big picture and plan some fun amidst the chaos. We are planning our summer trip, and even looking at the holidays for 2018. I think it is important to be excited for something; it helps you stay motivated throughout the hectic months.
  3. Set Goals. I know, everyone loves to create New Year’s resolutions, but that is not my cup of tea. I would rather set some goals for myself with some flexibility that are realistic. For example, I want to go running twice a week. This is realistic, and not as extreme as “I need to run daily this year.” Let’s be real with the goals and plan knowing that life will still happen (sick kids, work deadlines, etc.).
  4. Budget. A new year allows you to refresh and look at your monthly expenses. What are you using and not using? Can you cut the cable? Reduce your cell phone bill? It is always nice to start a new year off with a clean budget and financial goals.
  5. Get Personal. It is so easy to get consumed by the needs of a job, your kids, your husband and everything else, but I try to think of a word to use to describe my personal goals for the year. Is it calmness? Determination? Balance? Be sure to think of some things that will better yourself too, and not just your family.

I don’t know about you, but now that I have the 5 items above complete, I feel I am ready to take on 2018!

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