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Real Life, and Finding Joy in an Ordinary Day

Maybe it’s me, or maybe it’s all moms, but it feels like everyday has a schedule, a predicable routine, a rhythm of its own—it’s in fact an ordinary day. Our mornings, whether on a weekday or weekend, seem to all start around the same time and flow in the same pattern—breakfast, chaos, lunch, chaos, bedtime. (Alright it might not always be that chaotic, but you get where I am going with this.)

Real Life and Joy on an Ordinary Day

I don’t know about you, but as a society it feels like we put more emphasis on making things extraordinary for our kids and ourselves. One glance at social media and you will see elaborate parties, enviable vacations and seemingly glamorous lives.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with finding joy in the extraordinary, I firmly believe that ordinary shouldn’t be over looked.

When was the last time you…

  • Truly savored that first sip of warm coffee?
  • Closed your eyes and listened to the birds chirp while the sun warmed your face?
  • Watched, really watched, your child play happily outside?
  • Made cookies on a random Tuesday just to see someone smile?
  • Held that goodbye hug just a little longer?
  • Had a long heartfelt conversation with a dear friend?
  • Admired your oldest child helping your younger one master a new skill?
  • Stood still and let the breeze blow your hair?

These small things—this is where joy hides. (Sneaky!) Ordinary days are a lot of things and usually exhausting, but if you look closely they are jammed full of pure joy, love and happiness.

For me I have found that happiness comes from these small moments of joy that creep up on me in an otherwise ordinary day. When my oldest son says “I love you” out of the blue or my youngest smiles and says “mama” as I pick him up from his crib—these are the moments that warm my heart and fill me with joy. These seemingly small moments in my ordinary day, remind me that joy and happiness don’t have to come from big events or expensive gifts, but instead from the smallest and most sincere gestures.

Where do you find the quiet moments of joy in your ordinary day?

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