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How to Be Free of Scorpions This Summer in Arizona

Scorpions, ugh. The scum of the earth! These nasty little boogers blend into pretty much any brown you have in your house, and exist wherever there is a mountain, dirt, or trees. They can climb walls, they come out at night, and they can warrant an emergency room visit if they sting you, especially if they sting a child. You will typically see these guys out during the hot months, and since the rise in temperatures has officially hit us, they are already out this season.

scorpionsI have lived in Arizona my entire life (31 years!) and my first experience with these little creatures is in the home I purchased with my husband 6 years ago. It is in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood located on the base of a mountain, and we love it. The only downfall? Scorpions! We just were not prepared for having these little guys as neighbors. After getting stung the first time, I realized how painful and CREEPY it was. Over the next few years, I got stung a total of 3 times, and enough was enough. I was ready to fight back, and keep these guys at bay. Now that I have children, I take even more precautions to help keep them outside, and not in my home where they can hurt my sweet babies.

If you live in Arizona, there is a good chance you might have scorpions, so I recommend that anyone complete these steps to help ensure they don’t sting anyone in your house!

  1. Landscaping- Scorpions love debris, so be sure to keep your yard trimmed, and shrub removed. We cut any trees that hang over our home, and keep bushes short. 
  2. Don’t Over Water- Check your water settings for your plants and make sure you don’t over water. Scorpions are searching for water and food, so if you are supplying them with both, then they will come, and stay in your yard.
  3. Kill the Food Source- My goal is to get rid of crickets. This is the main food source for scorpions, and they will go where they can get fed.
  4. Hire a Reputable Pest Control Company- We use Blue Sky Pest Control. They come out monthly to spray and guarantee their work, so any signs of pests (scorpions and crickets for sure) they come back out and respray. These guys are professional and very affordable.
  5. Invest in a Black Light- We bought a black flashlight off of Amazon, and we go out and search the yard and inside our home nightly during scorpion season. These little suckers light up light the 4th of July, and they glow neon yellow in the black light. We typically kill 1-3 nightly outside and help keep them away from our property. We also black light our kids rooms and our room before going to bed, to help make sure we don’t have any inside our home.
  6. Use Diatomaceous Earth- We typically powder the perimeter of our home with this stuff once a week. It is food grade, so it is safe for pets and kids, and can help keep the scorpions away from your home and eventually kill them. They have some great tips on their website if you click here and you can find the product on Amazon.
  7. Seal Your Home- Underneath your home there is typically a small crack between the foundation and the home, and this is large enough for a scorpion to get through. These little guys can squeeze into an area the thickness of a credit card, so sealing your home is a great way to keep them out. These can be expensive if you use a company ($1,000 to $2,000) or you can do it yourself with some great YouTube videos. 
  8. Have a Game Plan- Talk to your physician and your pediatrician and have a game plan if you or your child gets stung. Know what hospitals in your area has the anti-venom, just in case, and be prepared.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled during the summer months for these guys, and keep your kids safe! Do you have any other tips to keep scorpions away from your home? Please share them below! 

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