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Start A Trendy Tradition – Lunch Box Love Notes

Lunch Box Love Notes

When I was growing up, one of my most favorite and memorable moments were my moms lunch box love notes.  I knew that when I sat down at the lunch table, unzipped my lunchbox and looked inside there was going to be a sweet surprise just for me.  It made me feel  loved, adored and it was a fun treat to get during those hard school days as a kid.  They always arrived at the perfect time  when I needed the encouragement or reminder that my mom was thinking about me.

Lunch Box Love Notes

Somedays it was just a few words like, “I love you,” and other days it was words of encouragement with one of her funny cartoon sketches on there.  I never knew when I was going to get one or what it was going to say but I remember how they made me feel.

Growing up and now having school aged kids of my own, I decided that was one tradition I HAD to pass down to my kids, lunchbox love notes.  It’s not everyday, but the element of surprise and response I get from my kids when I put one in their lunchbox is such a reward.

Lunch Box Love Notes

It’s such a small gesture that makes a HUGE impact. Everyday when the sun goes down and all is said and done, I want to make sure my kids know how much they are loved and how much they mean to this world.

We at the North Phoenix Moms Blog would like to extend this tradition to YOUR family.

Click HERE to download these adorable trendy lunchbox printable’s and start your own traditions.

Lunch Box Love Notes

With love,

Malia B.

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