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4 Reasons Why I Believe in the Power of a To-Do List

Our lives are beyond overwhelming with the constant juggles we face: managing a home, raising our kids, being the shuttle bus, working, trying to squeeze in quality time with our spouse, oh, and maybe make some time for ourselves is a LOT to keep up with.

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I got sick of feeling overwhelmed, and flying by the seat of my pants just to survive the day-to-day, all while trying not to forget anything. So I decided to change, and find a way to stay organized and top of all areas of my life (the best I can). So, I went old school. I sat down with a piece of paper and a pen, and I haven’t looked back.

I can confidently tell you that accomplishments in my career, and the quality time with my kids and family all started with the power of a to-do list.

Why, do you say? 

  1. Accountability. If it is written down, it needs to get done. Whether it’s a report for work, cleaning the kitchen, or picking up crafts for a school project, if it’s important, it’s written down, and I know it needs to get done.
  2. The Cross-Off Feeling. If you’re a planner like me, then you get this. The pride I get when I cross something off my to do list is second to none.  I almost slash the paper with excitement from pressing down so hard because that item is DONE! 
  3. Time Management. I focus on one task on the list, and conquer it. It helps me stay focused on that item knowing that the rest of my needs are already written down. Less wandering of my thoughts, that’s for sure.
  4. Mom Brain No More! I know mom brain is a very real thing and I feel I can overcome it by using a to-do list. I write EVERYTHING down. Its great to refer back to, and ensures less cracks for things to fall into.

Alright mamas, grab some paper, gather your thoughts, and start creating to-do lists at home. Start small. Create lists that work for your family and needs, and organize the way you understand them. Take the time to plan and prep ahead of time, and then get to work. I promise you’ll thank me!

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One Response to 4 Reasons Why I Believe in the Power of a To-Do List

  1. Katie
    Katie February 4, 2018 at 10:07 am #

    I love to do list but I have to go digital for things that will remain on the list for a few days or for activities that take more than 15 minutes. If it takes longer than 15 minutes and I don’t add it to my calendar, the chances of getting it done are slim!

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